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tommy foody Enniscrone Ireland
Tony Dowd Worksop England

My paternal great grandfather (Patrick son of John) and beyond stem from Coolaney, County Sligo. Patrick came over to England in 1879 as the second Irish potato famine took hold. His father John, who was a farmer, would have suffered during both famines. Patrick moved over the Pennines to West Auckland County Durham and spent his life in the coal mines. He met a local girl- Ellen, and married in 1883.

Tracy Dowdy Obrien United States
Tyler Dowdy New Hope Alabama

I’m a very close descendent of the Irish Dowdy Clan, and wanting to know more about the family from other resources.

Warren Dowd Calgary Canada

My ancestor was Maurice Dowd of Dingle. His son, Cornelius, my great, great grandfather left Ireland and settled in Canada in the1840,s.

Looking forward to connecting with the Dowd Clan

Wendy Lynn Houston USA

My great grandparents, John Joseph Dowd and Mary Tierney, emigrated from Co. Mayo to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, about 1872.

William Dowd Silverthorne, CO USA

Originally from Bridgewater, MA, Great Grandson of John O’Dowd of Sligo

Zona O’Dowd Berlin New Hampshire USA

my family migrated to Canada (Quebec) during the potato famine and eventually Vermont. Our line is unfortunately dying out as only daughters have been born or survived. Some of our line did drop the O and migrated to Michigan. I have a ton of information if anyone needs help